Six are the Walking Ways

Journal 4

Gaelen, Son of Kylantha
Day 2 in Sadrith Mora

The Moth Priest required us to deliver his khajiit slaves to the head of the Mage’s Guild here in this place called “Sadrith Mora.” These were the same khajiit we were asked to rescue. The group split up- the argonians hung out in a lake and us mer set up the situation. After dropping off the khajiit to a very advanced argonian, we learned that the slaves were being transported out that night by way of magic portal. If we were to appease both sides, the jailbreak would have to be done that night. We obtained the writ of delivery from the argonian mage and set our argonians to work breaking them out. I’m not sure if they were wholly successful, perhaps a few of them escaped. In any case we shall know in the morning. If the khajiit is true to his word, we will at least be paid, if not compensated somehow.

Speaking of payment, as my concerns have been lately, the Moth Priest wished to pay us in a heavy gold bar. I think Foiyada talked him into something else, a bundle of some sort of pipe stuff? He said it was expensive and he knows more of the world than I. But it seems overall that I have managed to spend more money than make. Especially since the Gateway Inn happens to have jagga! What a fantastic surprise that was for me. It was of a far lesser quality than I deserve but it was a taste of home. I found myself reminiscing of home, not necessarily wanting to be there but remembering it fondly. I do enjoy my life abroad currently, even if we are being chased down by the slavers and playing two conflicting groups against each other. The world is dangerous, but no more so than slipping through branches.

I have found the most beautiful creature in the world. She is a Nordic Alpaca and I have named her after the moon- Jone. Her fur is soft, white on top fading first to a yellow then a light grey closer to the skin. She is a rare beast and I am not sure how we will find food but I’m sure we will. If we convinced the stable boy of my royalty, then surely we can convince others of less. The moment I saw her, our eyes connected and a primal chord was struck. I do not love her as my father loved my mother, but rather as I have been taught by Y’ffre. She is still cold to me but I believe that in time Jone and I will develop a close bond. She has been given to me as a gift of loyalty, I will not waste it.



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