Six are the Walking Ways

Journal 3

Gaelen, Son of Kylantha
Day 1 in Night Market

Dry land and stationary. The darkness and the tall mushrooms shaped into homes feel like home. I believe Y’ffre has led me to this place- his presence is here on this strange island. I cannot stop looking towards the towering mushroom which casts its shadow across the island, Foiyada tells me mages live there. I am drawn to it as if I were back home in the thick and tall woods of Valenwood. It fills my heart and excites me. Now, if only I had something to read.

I have searched through the whole of the night market and have found nothing. Not even a scroll with scribbled notes. What kind of people do not read or write? They have delicious ash hopper legs coated in spices unknown to my tongue however. In Valenwood we do not eat plants unless they are from distant lands or gathered responsibly by foreigners. My father spent much time at the trading post and there were a few times he sneaked spices from plants into the house without telling my mother. But these spices are nothing like those. So much flavor in a single bite. It makes the meat tender- I will be eating this again. I must find some gold to buy more.

In the way of gold, I find myself highly lacking it. While in the night market we were attacked by those ashen faced people, Dunmer. They posed no serious threat to us once the surprise of their ambush had worn off- they quickly stood down. But Tyria mentioned that one of them was dead and a guard had blamed her for the murder. They even knocked her unconscious and were dragging her to the jailhouse when we found her. The guard demanded something for her release after hearing what had happened to us. I was rash and jumped to an embarrassingly wrong conclusion. Nevertheless the group had enough money to pay him off and that is where my last three gold had gone. I fear I will be poor for my whole life. Perhaps I shall invoke the Rite of Theft next time we are in the market. At least then I will be able to buy my own portion of ash hopper legs.

I do not know what this town has done to me, or why I am feeling so bold lately but I fear that the group is beginning to be annoyed at me. Quiet, focused Gaelen is a much better fit on me than outspoken, offending annoyance. Yet, I feel responsible for the position the group is in- conflicting favors- and must find a way to resolve it. The khajiit wants his friends freed from the Moth Priest that we owe for passage to this place. In either case, we need an income of sorts. If ever I am going to get to Cyrodiil to see my brother, or trade in the bustling northern cities, or watch the sun rise in the deep dunes, and eventually make it back home to Valenwood, then first I must have money. Many times have others invoked the Rite against me and many times I have taken a book, as is my Rite as well. Perhaps I should find a Bosmer merchant to invoke from first, who knows what these grey mer think of our Rite.

As it is however, I have found myself something to read. The khajiit whom we are staying with has given me Cherim’s Heart of Anequina to read. I know very little of Khajiit history or culture which makes this book fascinating to me. Perhaps I will buy a tapestry should I happen upon one. The war I have heard of and know of. Indeed my mother had me learn about the war, from the Bosmeri side of course. This book was from the Khajiit side which I greatly admired. What courage both sides had.

A last note: the animals in the night market seem to be calling; not howling or barking or balking but speaking to me. I shall investigate this in the morning. Also, Natesse seems to be…different somehow. I shall also inquire about this.



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