The People of Nirn

Generally speaking, the people of Nirn can be categorized into one of three categories. Mer, men, and beastfolk make up the primary inhabitants of Mundus, but other races inhabit the uncharted expanses of Oblivion.



| Nords, the Sons and Daughters of Skyrim|
| Bretons, the Man-mer of High Rock|
| Imperials, the Men of the Empire|
| Redguard, the Heirs of Old Yokuda|


Altmer, the High Elves of Summerset|
| Bosmer, the Wood Elves of Valenwood|
| Dunmer, the Dark Elves of Morrowind|
| Orsimer, the Pariah-Elves|
| Ayleidoon, the Heartland High Elves|
| Maormer, the Sea Elves of Pyandonea|


Argonians, the Lizard-Folk of the South|
| Khajiit, the Cat-Folk of the Desert|
| Imga, the Ape-men of Valenwood|
| Sload, the Slug-Folk of Thras|

The People of Nirn

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