Religion in Tamriel

The Imperial Divines

| Akatosh, Dragon God of Time|
|Arkay, Lord of the Wheel of Life|
|Dibella, the Goddess of Beauty |Julianos, the Wise|
|Kynareth, Goddess of the Sky|Mara, Mother-Goddess|
|Shezarr, the Missing Sibling of the Divines|
|Stendarr, Lord of Mercy, Charity, and Well-Earned Luck|
|Talos, Heir to the Sundered Seat of Kings|
|Zenithar, Provider of Our Ease|

Altmeri Aedra

| Auri-El, King of the Aldmer|
| Jephre, the Storyteller|
|Lorkhan, the Doom Drum |Mara, Mother-Goddess|
|Magnus, God of Magic|Phynaster, Hero-God of Summerset|
|Syrabane, Aldmeri God-Ancestor of Magic|
|[{Trinimac]], the Betrayed|
|Xarxes, the Ageless One|
|Xen, Who Pays in Time|

The Princes of Oblivion

| Molag Bal, the Lord of Rape|Sheogorath, the Mad God|
|Boethiah, the Prince of Plots |Azura, of the Crimson Gate|
|Peryite, the Taskmaster|Hircine, the Huntsman|
|Mehrunes Dagon, the Prince of Destruction|
|Hermaeus Mora, the Gardener of Men|
|Clavicus Vile|Mephala, the Spinner|Sanguine|
|Malacath, Keeper of the Sworn Oath and the Bloody Curse|
|Meridia, Lady of Infinite Energies|Namira, Lady of Decay|
|Vaermina, the Gifter|Nocturnal, the Night Mistress|

The Tribunal

| Vivec, the Poet, the God-King of the Three-in-One|
|Almalexia, the Face-Snaked Queen of the Three-in-One|
|Sotha Sil, the Clockwork King of the Three-in-One|

Religion in Tamriel

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