Six are the Walking Ways

Journal 1

Gaelen, Son of Kylantha
Day 2 of Escaping Molag-Mar

All night I drove the siltstrider. While the other refugees slept, I drove and kept a vigil eye out for any danger or signs of being followed. But as the hours bled together, I grew hungry and tired. In the way of the Green Pact I ate the arm of the guard, my foe I had slain from the day before. I felt Y’ffre there, beside me, even in this strange land far from home. I think he was smiling at me. After I had eaten the flesh I tossed the bones over the side- the earth and animals below would have more use for them than I. Soon I began to drift and caught a few hours of sleep before sunrise when I was awoken.

The morning revealed a quag about us that stank of mud and rot. All around us giant bird-lizards soared through the sky. They were big enough to ride! But soon my wonder turned to worry- a few of them had spotted us perhaps as prey. The blue Argonian, Dreaded-Waters, drew her weapon and I followed suit. The group was tense and I was growing scared. As one great one swooped by I instinctively loosed an arrow but luckily in my tiredness I missed. Then, another perched on the crest of our siltstrider and trilled at us. I couldn’t help but trill back. I think we had a conversation until it screeched at me and flew away. I still wonder…has Y’ffre given me a gift with animals or has Hircine cursed me? As the day wore on it grew hotter and the wetlands’ stench rose, even up to the siltstrider. I had to retire under my tent to avoid the heat and passed the siltstrider to Fooyada, the Dunmer. When I awoke we were at a town, a small settlement built amidst huge mushrooms. It reminded me vaguely of home and living among the trees. Natesse and I sought shade under one of the caps and rested on some barrels, watching the town. A man approached named Veredin who told me he had traveled my homeland before. He also told me that he had some sujama and flin for sale. He let me taste some- it was awful stuff- and as he was explaining how it was made to me, he said that berries were involved. I had to stop, even though I wasn’t in Valenwood anymore I couldn’t bear to eat plant life. But I thought my traveling companions would want some so I bought some then headed back to the siltstrider where the green Argonian, Tyria waited. After a while the rest of the group came back and I made my peace offering. In a fair fight all of them would best me, this I know, but with this offering perhaps they wouldn’t want to fight and we could maybe be friends, dare I use the word. They all seemed to accept but Fooyada ran off as I made it…

As night fell, so did I to sleep. But I was woken shortly after by Dreaded-Waters who told me we were under attack from below and then dove into the muddy water. Fooyada and Natesse were hurriedly conversing to another below who yelled “I YIELD!” several times. I lowered them a rope so that they would climb up and was slightly startled to see another Dunmer, shaking with fright. I asked him a few questions but I don’t remember what we talked about. Before long I heard thrashing in the water and Fooyada cast a spell at something in the water. I saw a great beast, I don’t know how big struggling with Dreaded-Waters. I shot at the thing but it was dark and I think I only hit the fin. Natesse dropped the rope into the water in hopes that Dreaded-Waters would see it and climb up but she didn’t. She managed to climb out of the water and we all met up back on the uneasy siltstrider. Dreaded-Waters’ tail was bleeding and her legs too. She breathed about a shark and terror shot through me- hesitantly I moved the siltstrider along hoping and praying to Y’ffre that the shark would not follow. Another sleepless night awaits me.



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